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“A seminal book that gives an overview of the exciting new developments in energy and transportation technology that currently are in the works. Jeane and Susan document the struggle and many human-interest stories of the heroes attempting to bring forth ideas that will completely change our lives for the better. They examine the political forces at work in an attempt to suppress competition from these amazing technologies, which operate from a subtle energic source that pervades and animates the entire universe. Hidden Energy kick-starts a public dialogue by spotlighting the important questions we should be asking to bring this new paradigm into reality. Come learn and be part of an energy revolution that will transform the world.” 

~Paul LaViolette, PhD, physicist 

“Hidden Energy is an activist work for new energy answers. The authors spent over a quarter of a century culling through the nonsense in this controversial field to find the gems. Time is now on the side of the independent inventors where real creativity emerges from the next revolution in thinking. Energy is the key to the castle for solving many of the world’s ills. A timely addition, Hidden Energy will move these technologies from the edge to the main street. Well done!” 

~Dr. Nick Begich, Author/Science Reporter 

Hidden Energy highlights innovators who challenge commonly-held belief systems in physics, medicine, and biology. Is there an unlimited sea of energy omnipresent in the universe waiting to be tapped? This book opens the door to more dialogue and raises questions that may determine the fate of humanity. Now is the time to assemble a diverse team of open-minded scientists, engineers, and students from around the world to discuss, research, invent, validate, and debate…Those who challenge the scientific consensus are historically those who propel humanity forward by leaps and bounds.”

~Russell Witte, PhD, University of Arizona, Biomedical engineering 

Hidden Energy is a tour de force of research about solutions to one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. The forward thinking inventors and scientists profiled in this book are not just iconoclasts; their work may be the basis for a clean, environmentally friendly future for all of us on this planet. This book was both eye-opening and thought-provoking, and I encourage all those who are interested in out-of-the-box science and technology to read and digest it.” 

~Rizwan Virk, founder of Play Labs @ MIT and author of The Simulation Hypothesis

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HIDDEN ENERGY: Tesla-inspired inventors and a mindful path to energy abundance by Jeane Manning & Susan Manewich

Hidden Energy readies you for humankind’s next leap forward—tapping into an abundance of truly clean power, the ultimate renewable. Making the leap is as much about mindsets and a consciousness shift as technology.

Inspired by seeing their connection to nature and the cosmos, scientists and inventors are making breakthroughs. Help decide who benefits—amoral corporations or your family, communities and the environment.

Hidden Energy highlights new possibilities for humankind, such as technologies that tap into a universal background sea of energy.

Such a revolution in science can bring:

  • Freedom from oil wars, fuel spills and scarcity thinking
  • Justice: an end to energy apartheid
  • Harmonious healthcare advances
  • Cleanup of waterways, rejuvenation of ecosystems
  • Competition giving way to cooperation
  • A safer, more creative existence for all of Earth’s peoples

The book gives evidence pointing to a better future while naming the forces opposing a paradigm shift. The case for hope comes with a caveat: “an abundance-based future and higher civilization requires a critical mass of people to wake up and embrace a life-force and love-based worldview.”

Jeane and Susan combine their four decades plus of exploring an international network of inspired researchers, scientists and inventors. This book recounts their travels around the world meeting the men and women who use their uniquely individual talents to bring their potentially world changing theories and devices to life.  The stories of these amazing people are a source of inspiration and education for us all.

Hidden Energy invites the reader to embark on a rare journey into an expanding field where mindfulness and technology intertwine to fulfil possibilities that can propel our civilization into one of healthy, natural abundance. 

Jeane Manning, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Susan A. Manewich, Massachusetts, USA


Jeane Manning

Jeane is an author living in British Columbia whose previous books, starting with The Coming Energy Revolution (Avery Publishing NY 1996), have been published in a dozen languages. Jeane was born in Alaska close to wildflowers and wilderness and loves the natural world. She also wanted to understand human nature, so in university she earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, with honors. Her work history ranges from social worker to newspaper and magazine staff writer and editor of a community newspaper. She is also mother to a daughter and two sons, now grown and with children of their own. Jeane is on the management team for the Avalon Alliance, ( a group of companies that are part of a worldwide movement for the greater good. The group is dedicated to creating a better world for everyone. New science and clean technology is only a part of that. 

Thirty-five years ago, Jeane approached the new energy inventions with skepticism. Curiosity and the implications for cleaning up the planet drew her deeper into investigating. She’s since published numerous articles and books on the field, and has been a guest speaker at energy technology conferences in five countries. 

Susan A. Manewich, MS

Susan focuses on conscious leadership for the positive evolution of all life. She has spent over twenty years in the areas of leadership consulting, emotional intelligence, resonant technology and better understanding human dynamics to successfully transition through these planetary changes. Susan works to bring ethics, integrity and global team cohesion to the field of New Energy Technologies (NET). She is currently president of the New Energy Movement, located in the US, and co-founder of Nui, the Foundation for Moral Technology which is a Community Interest Company based in the UK. 

Some of Susan’s professional accomplishments are in the field of conscious leadership development and Emotional Intelligence and worked with clients around the globe including Harvard Business School, Yale University, University of Chicago GSB, London Business School and many others. Susan is a published author of several pieces of Emotional Intelligence work: she was co-author on a paper entitled ‘Scientific Information received by Contact Experiencers’ (2018) and is the co-author of Hidden Energy (2019). Susan also serves as an advisor for The Tipping Point and a research advisor with CCRI, Consciousness and Contact Research Institute.

Jeane Manning, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Susan A. Manewich, Massachusetts, USA


Q: What are some innovative ways to tap into new clean sources of energy? 

Q: Why should we care whether these inventors succeed?

Q: Do revolutionary devices look much different than standard energy technologies?

Q: How may everyday people benefit from these energy inventions? 

Q: What do you mean by saying that certain energy-technology breakthroughs work in harmony with nature’s ways? 

Q: Why haven’t we heard about this before?

Q: What type of training or new vocabulary, if any, do people need in order to understand these inventions?

Q: What else do everyday people need to know about the ‘new energy’ scene?

Jeane Manning, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Susan A. Manewich, Massachusetts, USA


Book Details
270 Pages
6.0 x 0.6 x 9.0 inches

Paperback 978-1-5255-4965-1
Hardcover 978-1-5255-4964-9
eBook 978-1-5255-4966-3

Body, Mind & Spirit, Science, Energy, Social Science, Future Studies

Free Energy, Over-unity Energy, Clean Energy, Changing the World, Zero-point Energy, Tesla, Breakthrough Energy

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Jeane Manning, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Susan A. Manewich, Massachusetts, USA