About Jeane . . .

Jeane Manning writes about the people and issues surrounding clean energy breakthroughs that are game-changing.

For decades she has interviewed inventors and leading-edge scientists who bring hope for the future. She tells their fascinating stories of societal challenges and technical and spiritual adventures. 

Her books have been published in a dozen languages and she has been invited speaker at energy conferences in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Kazakhstan and North America.

Jeane’s involvement in energy science began in the 1980’s. She was a single parent, newspaper reporter and former social worker when she met the first of dozens of inventors and frontier scientists whom she would interview.

They were part of a little-known international subculture, at that time labelled “free energy” research. Her curiosity and the implications for cleaning up the planet and reviving local economies drew her deeper into investigating.

Jeane lives in Kelowna, BC, Canada, where she enjoys family, friends and her veggie garden. She is also deeply involved in sustainability projects as part of a worldwide movement for the greater good (AvalonAlliance.net.)

She was born in Alaska close to nature. When she reached school age, her family moved to a farm in northern Idaho, again close to wildflowers and woods. 

Jeane also wanted to understand human nature, so in university she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, cum laude. Over the following decades, her worldview expanded through travels, life experiences, and inner spiritual journeys. 


Jeane has been a guest speaker at energy conferences in five countries. Her latest book, the co-authored Hidden Energy, was praised by a renowned physicist for giving hope and for “incorporating the spiritual nature of reality.”


Enjoying nature & friends

Jeane gravitates to fresh air in the mountains, danceable homegrown music and classical music, learning opportunities and spiritual adventures. She loves family, friends, the worldwide networking of beneficial changemakers, and all of Earth’s children. And she especially savors the breathtaking beauty of the natural world.