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Tom Bearden, Part 2

What life experiences shaped the late Thomas Bearden’s larger-than-life persistence and courage? The earliest influence was “hard times.” For the rest of his life, no

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Honoring Tom Bearden

Thomas Bearden researched energy breakthroughs, focusing on energy from the “vacuum of space” and how… every electrical circuit already uses it.

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Energía Universal is available!

The Spanish-language version of Hidden Energy is now listed with online distributors of books. is the “Universal Book Link” that takes you to a

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Envisioning a New Earth with Joan Cerio

Joan Cerio’s new series Envisioning a New Earth is now on YouTube. The first show was uploaded this weekend and I had the privilege of being her guest. Even if I hadn’t had that connection, I’d subscribe to her channel as a delightful learning opportunity.

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