Jeane Manning

Helping to free the energy for a better future.

Jeane Manning chose an unusual quest—explore ‘new energy’ breakthroughs and explain, in compelling words, what they mean for your future.

"Hidden Energy kick-starts a public dialogue by spotlighting the important questions ... Come learn and be part of an energy revolution that will transform the world.”   

 Paul LaViolette, PhD, physicist.

Hidden Energy Book Trailer

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Mike Stuart

Head of Sales , Intel

Meet Jeane

free the energy for a better future

Jeane Manning is an author who chose an unusual quest—find out what ‘new energy’ breakthroughs mean for your future. 

The implications for cleaning up Earth and helping people drew her into decades of interviewing scientists and engineers, economists and futurists.

Jeane has been a guest speaker at energy conferences in five countries. Her latest book, the co-authored Hidden Energy, was praised by a renowned physicist for giving hope and for “incorporating the spiritual nature of reality.”


Jeane immediately grasped the scientific, social and political implications of our work on pulsed plasmas.

Paulo Correa, Ph.D. & Alexandra Correa​

Ph.D. physicist

Jeane Manning brings an international perspective, being in ongoing contact with many inventors, theorists and other networkers in a dozen countries…. In an industry dominated by men, the feminine perspective is sorely needed as a voice for positive change.

Brian O’Leary

Ph.D. physicist, foreword to The Coming Energy Revolution

A lot of my friends, some working in energetics at a high level, have read your excellent book…a new vision of the future.

Peter Gluck, Ph.D.

Institute of Isotopic and Molecular Technology, Romania

I was very much impressed by the article you wrote…not just the clarity and skillful expression
of the content, but also the way you created a ‘win-win’ situation for everyone involved.

Elliott Maynard, Ph.D.

President, Arcos Cielos Research Center

…nice job with your article about the Boston conference. You took a very complex scene with
many complex characters and turned it into a clear picture…

Oliver Nichelson, Ph.D.

Industrial scientist

I’m always delighted when you are recognized for the person you are: knowledgeable, community-oriented, environmental advocate and an amazing human being.

Terri Bernath

Natural Health and certified Compassionate Inquiry practitioner

You’ve had a really unique career and have a glimpse into science and life that most people are completely unaware of…. some great stories to tell.

Chester Ptasinski

media photographer