The Unforgettable Paul Babcock Left the Room

Extraordinary engineer and new-energy trailblazer, Paul Babcock, exited this physical world on June 4, 2024. In honor of his passing, I’m posting my entire chapter about him, from the book Hidden Energy.

Condolences to his lovely wife and all the people, that includes me, who appreciated his zest for life, inventive brilliance and dedication to developing clean water and energy technologies.

Paul’s colleague Aaron Murakami reports that “plans are being formulated with various collaborators to ensure Paul’s legacy continues.” Aaron is working on completing a project that Paul was helping with; the project will be part of both John Bedini’s and Paul Babcock’s lasting contributions.

Aaron adds that “We are also moving forward with the home water purification unit that Paul presented at last year’s (Energy Science and Technology) conference.” And compact versions, “modules,” of Paul’s switch and battery swapper for experimenters to run their motors on are to move forward.  Paul had announced that Aaron’s company would be manufacturing and selling these products. 

Products aren’t the most important of Paul’s legacy, as I see it. In the chapter titled For Love of the Life Force, I tried to convey a bit of his uplifting philosophy and his close relationship with “the Great Holy.”  We won’t forget his legacy.

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