Jeane Manning

Scientific exploration institute ramps up

The latest report from the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (W.I.S.E.) just came out and I’m pleased to see our book Hidden Energy favorably mentioned in it. The report reaches at least 15,000 serious researchers.

WISE is a global research and development organization with a broad mission. According to their brochure, it includes:

  • conduct ground-breaking research in the biomedical, natural sciences, and social sciences fields, and
  • investigate alternative medicine therapies, alternative scientific theories and hypotheses, scientific anomalies, and other unexplained phenomena in these fields.
  • Secondly, based on research findings, WISE’s mission is to develop novel services and technologies that will benefit people, and help solve the major problems faced by societies, worldwide. 

WISE’s research divisions tackle various challenges–applied astronomy and space sciences, consciousness,  health and medicine, and energy and fuels.

I’ve met the institute’s founder Dr. John Reed, and I applaud his courage in going where others fear to tread.

The WISE brochure says their energy research activities include “development on hydrogen and water based fuels,
 low energy nuclear reactions (LENR), nitrogen based fuels, zero point energy, and other advanced energy concepts in order to enable humanity to have abundant sources of inexpensive energy.”

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