Much Good News to Share

There’s much to celebrate. For instance, a scientist whose work I’ve admired for decades is involved with a game-changing invention called the EnergiCell, and he’s now chief physicist for a company, ENG8, aiming to commercialize it. ENG8 accepted a significant offer from an investment fund. A few days ago, 350 PPM LTD reported that ENG8 will fully update its shareholders in the next week, and a press release will be issued after the transaction is completed. Paperwork, I guess. 350 PPM LTD is an “incubator and accelerator for early-stage companies” involved in clean energy and environmental protection.

Also other good news to share about new-paradigm energy breakthroughs; it’s timely that I’ll be speaking about it all at the New Living Expo at the Marin Centre in San Rafael, California. Its dates are April 19-21, 2024. My colleague, Susan Larison Danz, and I will give a Saturday 5 pm workshop titled Hidden Energy, AI vs. Intuition, Nikola Tesla’s Intuitive Leaps.

The next day we’ll be on a Breakthrough Science panel with experts in fields ranging from biophysics to UAP disclosure. That variety of expertise is connected by their new-paradigm understandings that include life-force and consciousness.   

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