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Link I mentioned on Dr. Amanda’s podcast

Being interviewed on Dr. Amanda Casabella’s podcast Neurophania is definitely a pleasure. This is a quick post because I promised her that I’d post more info on my blog, starting with a link to the downloadable videos from the annual Energy Science & Technology conferences.

Full disclosure: it’s an affiliate link, so I’ll get some benefit if anyone buys videos. However,if your budget doesn’t allow to pay anything for your education, you can look around the eMedia site and find free videos of the conferences’ panel discussions.

If you’re a non-technically-trained person like me and want to learn about “free energy”, I recommend looking up an easy to understand video by Peter Lindemann: his presentation with the in-your-face title “Perpetual Motion Reality.” His talk on “Open System Physics and Thermodynamics” is mostly public-friendly too.

I don’t know when our Neurophania interview will air; I’ll let you know. It was fun; her intelligent questions keep conversations moving in a lively manner and naturally.

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