Joan Cerio Interviews

Joan Cerio’s new series Envisioning a New Earth is now on YouTube. The first show was uploaded this weekend and I had the privilege of being her guest. Even if I hadn’t had that connection, I’d subscribe to her channel as a delightful learning opportunity.

The plan was that I’d present some slides on the topic “Future Energy Sources.” I now realize that if I’d cut the number of slides in half, you would be hearing more from Joan and less from Jeane. Joan Cerio has great conversations when given the chance!

Joan Cerio is a heart-centered woman, gracious and kind. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel and hear her wisdom in future episodes with knowledgeable guests.

She’s worked in health and healing professions for 30+ years. Joan has a graduate degree in science education and an undergrad degree in biology and has taught science and given inspirational workshops.

My co-author and I had each been interviewed previously when Joan hosted a radio show, Earth Energy Forecast.

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