Inventors Learn Together

The iconic inventor John Bedini pointed the way to self-recharging motors and his followers learned the concepts and continue the progress.

Mike C., shown in this photo, and his partner Norm S. were busy preparing another demonstration for the 2021 Energy Science and Technology Conference in Hayden, Idaho, on July 7-11.

I interviewed Mike Clarke on a zoom call and mentioned I’d been at the ESTC two years previously.

 “Then you know how loud our machine was…we had built a motor-generator/air raid siren,” Mike quipped.

The team has redesigned their “Reactive Power Motor Generator” so the new prototype operates quietly, with only a clicking sound. No more “siren.”

And it is scaleable. They will take a small version, about five inches across, to ESTC. If all goes well, they’ll also bring a large prototype. It’s expected to put out about two kilowatts of power, Mike said.

“It’s looking really good… We think our numbers are going to improve over what we have with the original prototype. The numbers I’m talking about are the amount of power produced as opposed to what we’re using.” The history of their machine began with Norm’s long friendship with the late John Bedini, followed by collaboration between Mike and Norm in southern Idaho, and their visits to Paul Babcock’s shop in the Spokane, Washington area. Paul provides expertise in circuitry and fast switching. Peter Lindemann is another researcher who gives them helpful advice.

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