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Ice isn’t nice for power grids

Snow in Texas; yes it’s a mess. And did you know Colorado’s power-providers iced up too?

 “It’s been an intense week,” my friend emailed today. “…Not in the news outside of Colorado, but we had energy-stability issues to our north and in the mountains.

“The wind turbines froze, and I have two notices from utility providers to demonstrate that. Also issues with solar panels and a natural gas shortage….One of my brothers lives in one of the areas impacted, but thankfully they must have…reserve power. It just accentuates how tenuous the power grid situation is, and how much we need alternative approaches.”

Alternative approaches. Hidden Energy: Tesla-inspired Inventors and a Mindful Path to Energy Abundance is rich with promising approaches to replacing the aging central power grids.

Consider how much safer we would be if every home, or at least every neighborhood or town had its own electricity generator. Not gas powered and certainly not involving radioactive materials. Instead, humankind could be building fuel-less generators that operate on principles such as resonance, or systems that only require a tiny input of water.

If you want a large-scale power plant then a plasma reactor like Brilliant Light Power’s patented SunCell could be on the market in a couple of years, given a reasonable level of funding to refine it as a commercial product.

There’s an abundance of clean-energy possibilities. First, humankind has to grow up a bit and become more responsible, united, and aware.

2 thoughts on “Ice isn’t nice for power grids”

  1. Jeane, this is *quite* the year to have this conversation want to be heard. Praise to everyone keeping this goal and momentum alive. When the dust settles across the world, it will be hard to ignore the Free Energy discussion.

    I wonder which state here in the U.S. will have the first municipality that is generated completely by free energy.

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