Ether Flows

I enjoyed a phone call with Dan Spatucci, an author in Florida. As the blurb for his new book Ether Flows says, his search for answers was inspired by a mysterious newscast he witnessed decades ago. He had been playing guitar at 2 or 3 am and caught a late newscast on TV. It featured a science news section, of an event never mentioned again. Probably “only a small number of insomniacs saw it.” He remembers watching a demonstration of a device and something spinning, creating a force that knocked a man backward. ” As a result, Daniel N. Spatucci spent the last forty years weaving together a theory of the universe’s hidden energy: the ether (sometimes spelled aether).

Dan demonstrated connections between subjects as seemingly far apart as electromagnetics, church architecture, ley lines, UFOs, sound waves, pyramids, astrology and music theory, to reveal how the flow of ether unites them all.

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