Energia Universal

The Spanish-language version of Hidden Energy is now listed with online distributors of books.

https://books2read.com/Euniversal is the “Universal Book Link” that takes you to a variety of distributors including Amazon’s Kindle, Kobo, Apple, etc.

This project has been a team effort. John Coelho has been pushing for a Spanish edition of a breakthrough-energy book ever since Joel Garbon and I produced our 2008 book Breakthrough Power. So he hired Patricia Glancy to translate Hidden Energy into the Spanish language.

Experts with science and engineering backgrounds and knowledge of Spanish edited the manuscript. Many thanks to Jeroen and Maddy at Global BEM (Breakthrough Energy Movement) for connecting us with Theo Almeida-Murphy in Europe, and Doroteo Rodriguez in the Dominican Republic. Their editing helped, “above and beyond…”

Now we need Spanish-speaking readers to review the book on Amazon. Please spread the word!

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