Disruptive by C. Bensinger

My electrical-engineer friends do enthuse about new books, but rarely novels. Yet last year Toby Grotz told me about Disruptive by Charles Bensinger. I finally found time to read the novel—and it was indeed a page-turner. About real-life issues and what Nikola Tesla called Radiant Energy, set in a fictional “resistance movement led by Sapphire, a passionate, uncompromising woman who leads her fellow activists into battle against the corporate… She’s joined by an unusual partner who’s gone rogue from Area 51.”  

Toby obtained permission from Bensinger for me to quote from the novel’s Epilogue:

 “…Our collective mission at this point in time is to accelerate the evolutionary imperative to find a way to live peacefully together and rid the planet of a global scourge…. (meaning “the war on nature currently being waged by the fossil fuel industry.)”

“The chemistry of old needs now to become replaced by the physics of natural resonance. Radiant energy offers humanity the fire of light, heat, and power, that if appropriately deployed, can serve to heal the environment and liberate the masses from unnecessary toil and trouble.”

“A transformation of this magnitude will, of course, send major shock waves throughout the world’s financial and political structures. Much economic and social disruption will occur. If, however, in the process of adjusting to a radically new global energy paradigm, an equivalent shift in consciousness can likewise occur, then the transition to a New Earth may indeed become possible.”

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