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Deep thoughts from Hidden Energy reader

There’s a back story for this blogpost.

Teresa Cooper is a linguist who participated in the summer, 2020, online book club for Hidden Energy, organized by Isabella Dos Santos. I was delighted by the insights from all participants, and a few emailed me afterward. So I was in a discussion-of-ideas with Teresa Cooper at the time when my family gifted the money for this personal website. She offered to write a blogpost, and here it is!

“How do we define our relationship with limitless energy abundance?  Physicists have made contact with its existence, and engineers have created bridges between its nature and ours. There are expansive conversations from developers regarding the integration of limitless energy.  Wherever the relationship with limitless energy starts, each person who approaches this origin point finds a reflection within it. 

“Mathematics that validate unending interconnectivity display a gradual exchange between energy and human conception.  Constructing technology designed in harmony with energy currents is like a metaphor of the human mind meeting its maker. 

“The energetic universe has a porous quality, with the activity of energy rolling like waves into material state to receive itself and rolling back out to deliver itself to be received once more. The quantity of space taken by enfolding and unfolding energy gives observers a glimpse into a thought unbound to any specific form. 

“Perhaps the necessary conditions have finally been met for the material mind to recognize the enfolding of hidden currents that have always acted within it.  In order to unfold–to produce–a pattern of nonlocalized currents, the magnitude of its adaptability must be consciously accepted. If we are to build unto language that defines limitless energy and the potential abundance from it, the biggest step may be meeting the energy source at its level of consciousness.

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    1. thanks for being the first to comment on my website, Kare Bear!
      Yes, Teresa’s blog is indeed thought-provoking. I think I linked to her own website too.
      Jeane Manning

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