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Bedini Gravity Wave Space Flux Motor revealed

Secrets of John Bedini’s mystery motor are being revealed. I’m doubly pleased, because in Peter Lindemann’s talk about the motor—at the 2020 Energy Science and Technology Conference (ESTC)—he also pointed out how the Bedini story relates to this time of awakening.

The brilliant inventor John Bedini died in 2016. His heart gave out on the day his brother Gary had just died. That left their sister grieving for not one, but two brothers. Eventually she had John’s large collection of energy-technology prototypes transported to Seattle, where she lives.

Knowing that certain colleagues had been working closely with John, early this year she allowed those two to examine the prototypes. As a result, Aaron Murakami and Peter Lindemann have created an opportunity for other researchers to digitally view and listen to what Peter and Aaron learned on that visit to Seattle. And see the model they built afterward. Their experimental motor ran, while charging its own batteries, throughout Peter’ landmark presentation to the 2020 Energy Science and Technology Conference (ESTC).

In Seattle, Aaron and Peter had been able to examine and even run the original motor. They knew John had kept the motor in a glass case because it’s special, but he hadn’t said why. It was usually on a high shelf except when he took it down and switched it on.

This week as I watched the newly-released video of Peter’s July presentation, I remembered a visit to John Bedini’s workshop many years ago. He showed me a motor that could bring old encrusted batteries back to life, with more voltage than ever. I don’t remember on what shelf it had been stored; I just recall his well-earned pride in how regenerating batteries benefits life on Earth. Otherwise, batteries with a short life span contaminate landfills and waterways.

Up to the moment of viewing his papers, John’s colleagues just referred to the mystery motor as the “Glass Case Motor.” He brought it, wrapped in paper, to the 2015 energy conference in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. He unwrapped it with a dramatic flourish and let the audience have a close look.

When Peter and Aaron were in Seattle earlier this year, they found a box containing a manuscript that John had begun writing. It turns out that in John’s mind the mystery motor was a Gravity Wave Space Flux motor.

Peter’s ESTC 2020 presentation is rich with technical details of what they learned and later built.

However, he began his talk by noting that his longtime friend John Bedini had been very receptive to “information from somewhere other than this physical plane.”

Other cutting-edge inventors are also receiving messages from a dimension that isn’t physically visible, whether they recognize it or not. “All knowledge that moves civilization forward comes from this place,” Peter said.

“We need to attune ourselves to being interested in receiving this. And attuning ourselves to acting on… our emerging ability to know.”

Peter explained why the spiritual movement of our times is called the Awakening. “We are waking up. We are becoming more conscious of a higher dimensionality of ourselves.”

“Part of this process of bringing the world to a readiness for this technology has to do with this awakening within us. Not that we will end up functioning any differently, but we will recognize ourselves and accept ourselves in our higher vision of our abilities and our willingness to do it. And we will do it more consciously.”

I do see that happening.

Meanwhile, experimenters and other researchers can benefit from watching the video of Peter’s presentation. (Disclosure: I am now an affiliate and will receive a portion of the purchase price if you follow a link from my blogpost.)

Aaron Murakami is finishing the Gravity Wave Space Flux motor book based on John’s lab notes.

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