Bedini Shares Crystal Power Device

During the 2010 Renaissance Free Energy Conference in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, John Bedini demonstrated how to make a fist-sized ion-transferring crystal power cell that lights up L.E.D.s (light-emitting diodes) bright enough to read by.

All you need to do to keep it working is to occasionally top it up with water. Ingredients include ordinary borax for cleaning the blackened copper, and powdered alum – used by your grandmother in home canning of pickles – and a chunk of magnesium.

What are such low-power but long-lasting crystal cells good for? For one, they could replace solar yard lights that don’t always work. If these homemade power cells dry out, a few seconds of turning on the lawn sprinkler should supply enough moisture to recharge them, or even morning dew. 

The cells can be connected and enhanced with a special circuit, and thus produce more meaningful amounts of power. Bedini mentioned emergency communications as one of the applications if and when power lines are knocked out.

Bedini has experimented extensively on homemade power cells. It’s not a new quest; he’s been learning about the properties and the combining of minerals since childhood and later on his website had written about Nathan Stubblefield’s EarthCell Battery of 1898.

More recently, online discussions such as the Energetic Forum have been considering “earth batteries.”

Among other news from the 2010 meeting in Coeur d’Alene was a lecture by Peter Lindemann on how lead-acid batteries really work. He credited John Bedini: “John found the rules of how batteries work, and he builds chargers (battery rejuvenators) that obey the rules.”

Conference organizer Rick Friedrich demonstrated an electric-powered boat. However, regarding a couple of pre-announced exhibits, he said people had made promises that they did not fulfill to him. As well as the boat, a lawn tractor, electric car and the motor models were shown at the Renaissance Charge conference.

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